Everyone is doing it. So if everyone is doing it, then I think we’ll do it too. My fave personal finance blog Budgets Are Sexy just did a list of things he does and does not buy. He got the idea from Blonde and Balanced and Bargain Babe who also recently did a list of things they don’t buy. We’re just a bunch of cheap self-righteous people! Wink So here we go…

1. Magazines – Usually get them using Coke Rewards points
2. Napkins – We use the make-your-own-size paper towels
3. Boxed rice – Hey we’re Asian! 20lbs bagged rice from the Farmers Market.
4. Cable tv – Nopes!
5. Car washes – That’s what husbands are for!
6. Car payments – Nopes!
7. Bottled water – Water from faucet!
8. Oil changes – See #5
9. Minor household repairs – See #5
10. Metformin – Free from Publix! (Thanks Ms. Tal!)
11. Dry cleaning – Nopes! Don’t have a lot of fancy stuff.
12. Manicures & pedicures – Nopes! Can do it myself.
13. Brown bags for lunches – Use reuseable lunch bags
14. Personal trainers – Nopes! See #5
15. Clothes at retail price – Coupons and clearance!
16. Gourmet food items – Always get store brand
17. New cars – Nopes! Not when you have a mechanic in the household.
18. Cigarettes – Don’t smoke
19. Crack cocaine – Don’t do crack or cocaine. We’re a lil wacky as it is.
20. Straws – Save them from when we go to McDonalds
21. Disposable dishes, cups, silverware – Only if I am throwing a party!
22. Dog grooming – No dog. And the cats rarely see the vet either.
23. Tanning – I just stand in the sun.
24. Return address labels – The Humane Society usually sends some out or I can print them.
25. The local newspaper – Online. I don’t like touching newspapers.
26. Fancy TP – Love it but nopes! Cheapest store brand. Must be two ply though.
27. Frozen dinners – Nu uh. Those are salty and fatty.
28. Condoms – Nopes. I only listed this one cause everyone else is listing it too. Didn”t want you to think I was a perv.
29. TiVo, Roku, Apple TV – We use Netflix/Hulu
30. Valet parking – Nopes! Never go to fancy places much and don’t like people driving my vehicle.
31. Eyebrow waxing – Self pluck.
32. Extended Warranties – Don’t have a lot of fancy gadgets.

So how’s your list? 


Mrs. Wong Kiss