Thank you peeps for reading our blog! I am really excited by how many readers we are getting. As of today, our Alexa rating is at 495,911! Remember when we were at 2,139,174? As soon as I can get us under 100,000 (where all the popular kids are at), I’ll throw myself a big fat sundae party. You’re invited of course.

So if you’re stumped, here are some surefire ways to get people to read your blog:

Things To Do To Get People To Read Your Blog:

1. Post naked pictures of yourself or of your pets or both together (look at all these naked cats!).

2. Complain about the people at your work and in details, discuss who is having an affair with whom (this will at least get your co-workers to read it).

3. Talk about how much money you have so that your friends will try to see how they compare to you (actually my fave blog does this… BudgetsAreSexy).

4. Provide all the sordid details of your relationships (you can even interview your spouse…just like I did w/Mr.Wong).

5. And above all, don’t write boring crap. Don’t be yourself. We get enough of that on Facebook. Be interesting and fun. And don’t copy me!

And I don’t understand why people put like the exact same pictures on FB over and over again. Just like this…it’s almost the same darn picture! Just pick one people and post it! Stop wasting my INTERNET SPACE.

Mrs. Wong