Wow. This makes me sad. Bert Weiss and Stacey getting a divorced. Bert is from the Q100 Bert Show which I listen to religiously. When I found out, I called Mr. Wong immediately and we both chatted about it and were equally like WTF.  🙁

I think we are shocked because Bert has discussed all the problems they have had in the past and were still able to make it thru. And well…just simply…they seem happy together. I guess everyone can “seem” happy but you know…when some couples mesh well together, you’re like “Wow they’re awesome together. I want to hang out with them alllll the time!!!” Unlike Mr. Wong and I’s parents who bicker all the time and are still together after all these years. Go figure.

One thing Bert did say that struck me was that he was upset and regretted that he waited so long to fix things. This is hard to do. When you maintain a busy lifestyle, you just kind of let those things fall thru the cracks. I mean, these days I am too tired to tell Mr. Wong to just put his damn socks in the hamper instead of leaving it on the floor. WHY DOES HE DO THAT? And yet, I love him dearly. And his scar is healing much better from his bike incident. I guess I can call him Scarface now or something.

Mrs. Wong