I love my mom to death. As her go-to person, she has been nagging me about her stimulus payment. It’s not that she’s in need of money but all her friends have received it and she has not. I have checked for her on the IRS website but status unavailable. Therefore, I understand her frustration but it’s not like I can call the IRS and ask. They literally say “Do Not  Call Us” on their website. 

Because of that, she’s been checking her bank app constantly.

Last night, she calls me at 12:15am and is in a frantic mode. She says she received a message that they closed her bank account because she hasn’t used her money in awhile. This makes no sense to her because she has. The following conversation is in Cantonese…

Me: What? What are you reading?

Mom: This message! Says closed account. Dad say cause I no use. That’s not true! I used it to buy groceries the other day. 

Me: (sighs). Mom have you been using the app on your phone? 

Mom: Yes! Cause I check the money to see if I got it.

Me: It’s the app telling you it’s automatically signing you out because you are not using the app.

Mom: But I closed the app.

Me: Hmm…you might have just switched the app.

Mom: What??? Ok. Ok. 

Me: Yes Ok. Good night.

Next morning, she texts me the below picture…

It says “For your security your banking session has timed out due to inactivity.”

And she calls me right after she sends me the picture. Part of me is trying to figure out if she has learned how to “screenshot” a screen because that would be pretty impressive for her. *Thumbs up mom!*

So I tell her “yes that’s what I said last night remember?” And she responds “Well I still don’t see my money from the government.”

**Shaking my Head**

Crockpot Cooking

The one good thing working at home has done is that it has made me bring out the fancy crockpot. So easy to just gather all the ingredients at lunch time and throw them in the crockpot and dinner is ready in 6 hours. This week I have made: chicken pot pie, garlic chicken, pulled pork, and baked spaghetti. I got all the recipes from AllRecipes. I feel so American. But thank goodness for my Asian mom for always keeping it real. Peace out!