Came across this article 6 Daily Habits of The Wealthy from These articles are always a fun read because who doesn’t want to be wealthy? But as Notorious B.I.G. said “Mo Money Mo Problems.”

So here are the daily habits, let’s see how we stack up:

1. They’re early risers – they wake up 3 hours before they start their jobs. UH YUP! I consider myself an early riser 6ish-7ish but that’s cause I gotta go to work. If no work, I could probably sleeeeeep in! I’m not going to tell you how much I can sleep in. You can ask Mr. Wong. He has seen me sleep for 12+ hours.

2. They keep a running list of tasksNOPE! I know. You’d be shock. You would think that my OCD would make me keep a list but I don’t. I just do what’s necessary. I usually have 3-4 tasks that needs to be completed daily in my head. And that’s it.

3. They don’t take long lunches YUP! Unfortunately once again, I have a job and we have an allotted time for lunch. And I spend more than 50% of that time doing research, blogging, watching my TV shows or outside walking.

4. They count their caloriesYUP! Yes I count my calories. It’s a pain but I don’t want to be a fatty fatty.

5. They don’t gossipNOPE! I so too gossip! Geez! Duh! Only to my most trusted confidants – Mr. Wong & Ms. Tee. Everyone else I don’t trust. Y’all got big mouths! One time I was testing one of my friends to see if they are a gossiper…and I told them something kinda secretive…and guess what? They told someone else and it totally got back to me.

6. They limit their internet usageNOPE! Yes I limit it when I can, but I love the internet! How else did I get so smart right?

So I’m 3 out of 3 which means I do not have the habits of the wealthy. Oh well. 

And I so came across this book by Mr. Kevin Kwan called Crazy Rich Asians. Yeah, definitely put it on my waiting list at the fancy library. Can’t wait to read it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Dem crazy rich Asians are just so interesting!

Mrs. Wong