Wowzers!!! It literally has been almost 4 months since I’ve blogged here! And to make up for it…I’ve posted a super big picture just for you! How is everyone doing? We the Wongs are doing fine. Lots has happened…

– No remodeling done at all!!! WooWoo! We might move to another house before we even finish all this remodeling!
– Lost over 10 lbs…but that was I think from the summer till now…I dunno. Whatever. My pants feel extremely lose these days. I feel so thuggish!
– Still a vegetarian…although I did have 6 slices of bacon this weekend…thank you Mr. Nick for making them for me.
– Uh Mr. Wong busted the side of his eye…riding a BMX course in the rain and trying to record it. Dumb dumb dumb! There was even a sign that said “No Riding in The Rain.” I have no words.
– Shows I have watched or am watching: American Horror Story, Games of Thrones, The Affair. All so deliciously wicked good.
– Watched Guardian of The Galaxy and The Interview this weekend. So so. Although it makes me like Kim Jong Un a lot.
– The cats are still alive! Wooohooo!
– I went to the Hello Kitty Convention in Cali. It was super duper awesome. And everyone was Asian and looked my age so it was not weird at all.
– And last but not least…I have a new blog coming out! I know…you’re like WTF…another blog? Yeah…sorry to invade your world. More details to come.

Mrs. Wong