I seem to have squeezed myself into a dilemma.

Over the past few months, I have finally acknowledged that one of my friends has an addiction problem.

I’ll make this easy reading for you and will use an example. Let’s say that this friend…let’s call her “Bun Bun” has an addiction to putting mustard on her nose and chin.

It”s really not affecting our friendship at all but I do kinda get edgy when we go to eat hamburgers and she starts staring at the mustard packets and wanting to put them in her purse Surprised. And putting this mustard on her chin and nose could be dangerous and she really needs psychological help or her whole face could be smothered in mustard when she gets older and can’t go anywhere.

And now another friend, let’s call her “Sprinkles” has also admitted to me that they think that “Bun Bun” has a problem and we should try to help her. What’s even worse is that I have recently heard “Bun Bun” saying bad things about “Sprinkles” when all “Sprinkles” is trying to do is help her out.

This really sounds like an episode out of Sweet Valley High.

Anyway, since I am a nosy-body and a good friend, it is quite difficult for me to stand back and just watch. I would love to get her the help she needs but I know she will deny it.

So I’m going to do a little PSAing…

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you have a problem. Take me for example, I am an extreme germaphobe. It has gotten worse as I have gotten older. In one day, I wash my hands at least 15 times. I get really uncomfortable using public restrooms, even the guest restroom in our own home. And I wash that one at least once a week. Anyway, I don’t feel like my problem affects anyone (well except for Mr. Wong but he has learned how to deal with it) so I am not totally concerned about it. But I know that in a few years if we have kids, then it might escalate. And I don’t really want our kids to be a germaphobe…maybe clean…but not a germaphobe Wink.

So I’m hoping “Bun Bun” will miraculously get the help she needs. Or she’ll read this and realizes that she has a problem. That’s why I have a blog. So I can tell you all the strange things that the people in my life do Tongue Out. Did I ever tell you that Mr. Wong actually scratches his head when he thinks? Hahahaahahaha…

Mrs. Wong Kiss