I am on a eating-out-monthly-budget of $100. So far, not so good. And the motivation is because I am trying to save up some big mula to buy myself something nice. Not gonna tell you what that is just yet. So here is what I have so far for this month:

9/7 McDonalds: $4.50 – Breakfast for me and Mr. Wong on Saturday using a buy-one-get-one-free coupon (1090 calories for that Big Breakfast platter!)
9/8 Kroger: $25.00 – Sandwiches, chips, desserts, and drinks for the Diana Ross Concert. I actually had two more sandwiches and lots of sodas left over as well.
9/9 Hmart: $10.50 – Lunch during work day
9/13 Thai Star: $20.00 – Lunch on my day off (Those are the pics above. It was ok. Not super impressed. But probably my own fault since I ordered chicken and broccoli instead of something more Thai-ish. Anyway, Thai of Norcross is still the best.)
9/15 Dunkin Donuts: $11.00 – Coffee and donuts for everyone this weekend at our place.
9/15 Boston Market: $20.00 – Family meal for me and Mr. Wong and my brother

Total: $91.00
Days Left: 15

Clearly I’m not going to make it this month. But if I’m smart, I’ll just have Mr. Wong pay for us eating out for the next two weeks. Hehe. Have a good Sunday peeps!

Mrs. Wong