It has been a year since we moved in! Wowzers!

I actually had a lot of fun on moving day. I got to boss people around and tell them where to put my things. And then we all went out to eat.

The most relaxing time is telling people what to move upstairs and then walking away. Because we have the worst staircase ever to move things. If I got any fatter, I might not be able to go upstairs. Surprised

Let’s look back. Here are peeps moving the mattress…


Here are the peeps moving the washer and dryer…


I just asked Mr. Wong about moving things and he said the washer and dryer was the hardest thing to move.

This reminds me of the Friend‘s episode where Ross goes “Pivot…Pivot…PIVAT…PIVAT!”

Ahhhhh I miss this show so much!

Mrs. Wong Kiss