I think it was pretty cool that Beyonce did a video journal while on tour and preggers. I started doing one but talking to your future self gets a little boring. I just spend a bunch of time making strange faces at myself. Mostly the same faces I make when I blog. As you can see above, it’s usually puzzlement, fear, shock, and delirious.  

I don’t like to be bothered when blogging. If you call me, I will ignore your call. Even when Mr. Wong tries to talk to me, I give him the hand. And I also give him the hand when I am watching Scandal.

I gave him the hand when he was trying to whisper a question at me when watching the season finale last week. So then he went to get the dish washing towel and washed my hands. He thought he was pretty funny. I gotta give him props because 1) he knows I don’t like my hands dirty and 2) he did not stand in front of the TV.

Thumbs up to a man who treats his woman right. 

Have a happy holiday peeps! Don’t eat too many hot dogs. They’re made of unknown meats and could cause you to go excessive bowel moving.

Mrs. Wong