I really loved this show. It is definitely one of my top 5 30-minute sitcom.

So I just finished the finale. Finales have me feeling stressed. Wondering if they’ll end up the way I have it in my head because the finale is always the last thought you have about the show.

Right now I’m thinking I do like the finale. Because in my gut, I felt like Barney and Robin didn’t belong together. And I think it’s good they divorced. They kept it real. Life does not always end up perfectly. And well now that we found out the Mother passed away, Ted perhaps goes to Robin. But we’re not 100% sure they’ll stay together. So that’s up in the air for the viewer.

So here’s some things I got from the finale:

1) Go with your gut feeling. If you feel stuck or unhappy, perhaps it’s time to move on. Sometimes your gut will just tell you. This can be in relationships, jobs, etc.

2) Happiness is not always forever but still pursue it. Nothing lasts forever right? But that doesn’t mean you should stop believing in it.

3) Surround yourself with people and things that actually matter. It’s important to be around people and things who make you happy and lift you up.

Mrs. Wong