I apologize for the super late late post. I have no idea why I stopped blogging in the past 5 months. But let’s get to the important stuff. BEN AND JEN HAVE BROKEN UP! I still can’t talk about it without a huge curiosity. I actually thought they would make it. Geez oh whiz!

Relationships are definitely hard, especially when you have kids. And it’s not like they have a small house where they would have to see each other all the time right? Their house is probably 10,000 square feet! So like when they get in a fight, they can actually not see each other for days and still live in the same place! For poorer people like us, that’s difficult to do. 

Anyway, I knew Mr. Wong was the one for me when I saw him vacumming a vacuum with another vacuum. And the other night I saw him cleaning random places with the wet vac. *Swoooooooooon* And well that’s me on the treadmill walking and watching RHOA. Cause you know….can’t get chubby or Mr. Wong will ditch me. I know some men love them some chubby women but we ain’t one of those couples.

Mrs. Wong