It has been 784 days since our last post. That’s 2 years, 1 month, and 24 days. And now we’re back! With a full vengeance of pasta, bread, and wine!

2016 was a blur. Had the most wonderful thing in the world. Our little girl, Savi, as you can see from the previous post.

2017 was a bigger blur. I’m pretty sure I cooked a lot then and ate a lot of fried chicken.

2018 was pretty awesome. Several vacations but the best was Italy.

Italy is pasta heaven. I didn’t think I could stomach pasta everyday (since I have been on Keto for over a year) but I was able to eat it generously.

Seafood is super duper fresh. It has to be since we’re right next to the water I suppose. And here are my fellow travel peeps and their extremely picky appetites. This was towards the end of the meal.

Everywhere is carbonara. And everywhere it tastes so damn good.
Seriously, America – you need to do better.
Tiramisu. Heavenly.
And in some places, you can get a litter of wine
for almost the same price as coke.
I, on the other hand, had expresso often. It’s definitely an eye opener.

Here are two short reviews of the places in Naples. And then well, I got lazy eating and stopped writing.

Review of DaLuisa

Review of Jamm Ja

Luckily, no weight was gained after a week due to 30 miles of walking.

To be continue…