Cloudland Canyon is absolutely beautiful. It’s approx. a 2.5 hours drive from Atlanta. They have several accommodations nearby and there are 64 miles of trail. There’s even this part where it has 600 steps to get down to the bottom of the canyon where some of the falls are at. So if you are a little chubs (like I am right now), just be prepared. 

The waterfalls are amazing. Pictures don’t do it justice. You have to really go for yourself.    

A waterfall background can always make anyone look hipper than they really are. 

See how excited I am!

The hike can be long but there are many different routes you can take. So it’s literally for anyone. The mister even found a tree that has a hole in it. It can definitely make anyone look thin. 

And there are lots of different rock formations to look at. If you’re dorky and into that kind of thing.

Here are some of the amazing steps! 

And if you’re too lazy to walk down to the falls, you can still see some awesome views right near the parking lot.


Still my favorite part is the abundance of all the waterfalls. It might make you need to pee a lot though. With 64 miles of trails, you should learn to pee in the wilderness (get a pee funnel <safe Amazon link) cause I’m sure others have. Don’t be scared to get wet. 

Check out their official website for more information: Cloudland Canyon State Park. 

The address is 122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road, Rising Fawn, GA 30738. There is a $5 fee to get in the park but if you’re smart, you should always buy the annual state park pass and you can visit any of the state parks. Or just hang it in your car to remind yourself that you need to go hiking more cause that belly is not going away anytime soon. Just kidding.